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—Cold Case Love

"We opened up a cold case love….
& it got the best of us
& now prints, pictures & white outlines are all that’s left at the scene of a crime;
of a cold case love.”


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"What you gotta understand is, I’m still here.
I could’ve been any man I wanted
So, let’s be clear.
Yeah I know that she hurt you
& under those circumstances; you got a lot of things to work through—
You don’t want to take no chances…

What you gotta understand is, even with all that
I’m still here…


Talia Joy Castellano (1999-2013)

It’s ok to mourn her death, but let’s celebrate this 13-year-old makeup guru’s inspirational life.

I love you so much and just remember there is someone who loves you dearly in this world. You are beautiful in every way possible! ♡ Just keep swimming.” - From her final Youtube video

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